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Gil Rocha, Co-founder of Insizium, CTRV and Plan3D/6D's Head. Thank you for visiting!

Gil Rocha's Bio:

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Gil Rocha's Experience:

  • Short Version at (public)

    Gil Rocha envisioned the 3D/CAD revolution back in the 90's and since then he provided hundred of digital projects to private and public entities, mostly from Portugal. He hold a degree in Industrial Engineering and became specialized in the field of modeling and rendering projects. He worked mostly as an exclusive Project Manager to support and to create companies such as CTRV, INSOLITH, INSIZE and INSIZIUM, between 1995 and 2012.

  • Co-founder / Shareholder at INSIZIUM

    [-] This is a simplified version of C.T.R.V. renamed INSIZIUM, later in 2004/2008. [-] Co-founder and shareholder, strategic, technical and project manager. Mentor of Insizium's vision and services since 1996. Also 3D and 2D computer graphics superviser, seo, web designer, consultant and editor of all internal/public digital contents and business plans, since 1998 and later 2008. Also in charge of all R&D, to support all strategic goals and technical skills validations for all INSIZIUM's goals vs delays. Banned from Insizium in 07/2012, no more public appearances since then. (

  • Co-founder / Shareholder at C.T.R.V.

    Full Time. Co-founder of C.T.R.V. and project manager. Creator of all concepts, business plans and digital contents while in charge of all 2D and 3D services. This is a massive project partially completed with most services created and produced by Gil Rocha, all based on PLAN3D/6D's strategy (still online at

  • Head / CEO at PLAN3D/6D

    Partial time. Head at PLAN3D/6D. Started in the 90's and renewed in 2005. Concepts, support and production of digital contents for public and private 2D/3D projects. Undisclosed activities since 01/2013. (

  • Entrepreneur at GMR

    Entrepreneur, producer and digital artist of early virtual contents (2D/3D) in the 90's for a wide range of local clients and businesses, while preparing PLAN3D/6D's future services (2D to "6D").

Gil Rocha's Education:

  • 4ème Régiment de Hussards - Compagnie d'Élite

    HQ Driver, Officials
    Concentration: Metz
    Activities: Hundred of missions all over the north-east of France.
  • G. Bachelard

    Associate's Degree of Electrical Engineering
    Concentration: Paris
    Activities: Electrical Engineering

Gil Rocha's Interests & Activities:

New projects, advanced technology, photography and genuine people.

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